Niger Delta Militants Demand Return Of Oil Blocs Held By Northerners


A coalition of Niger Delta activists is requesting from the Federal Government the arrival of all oil alliances controlled by Northerners to the general population of the oil creating area.

The request is in countering for the request issued by Northern youth associations to the Igbo in the north to stop the locale by October 1.

The Niger Delta Watchdogs, Niger Delta Volunteers, Niger Delta Peoples Fighters, Niger Delta Warriors, Bakassi Freedom Fighters, Niger Delta Movement for Justice, Niger Delta Fighters Network and Niger Delta Freedom Mandate,said in a joint articulation yesterday that they likewise plan to announce an autonomous Niger Delta on October 1 with a view to liberating their kin from what they called northern subjugation.

The dispatch was marked by “General” John Duku (Niger Delta Watchdogs and Convener: Coalition of Niger Delta Agitators), “General” Ekpo (Niger Delta Volunteers), “General” Osarolor Nedam (Niger Delta Warriors), and ‘Real Gen.’ Henry Okon Etete (Niger Delta Peoples Fighters).

Others are ‘Real Gen.’ Asukwo Henshaw (Bakassi Freedom Fighters), ‘Significant Gen.’ Ibinabo Horsfall (Niger Delta Movement for Justice), ‘Real Gen.’ Duke Emmanson (Niger Delta Fighters Network), and ‘Real Gen.’ Inibeghe Adams (Niger Delta Freedom Mandate).Besides, they cautioned every one of the organizations working such oil alliances to stop inside three months.

The gathering stated: “A coalition of the Niger Delta aggressors met today in Port Harcourt to audit the current call by the Arewa Youths bunches that the Ndigbo ought to empty all the Northern states inside three months.

“We see the affirmation by Arewa Youths as a presentation which the northern seniors, pioneers, political tip top, security heads from the North and governors were completely mindful of .

“We request 100 for every penny control of our assets. We request that the Federal Government ought to hand over all oil alliances possessed by northerners to Niger Delta indigenes. Every one of the organizations working in such oil coalitions/wells ought to empty inside three months.

“The Federal Government ought to promptly move NNPC and every one of the workplaces that need to do with oil/gas division back to Niger Delta states and instantly supplant the Group Managing Director with an indigene of Niger Delta.

“Every single northern indigene working in NNPC and whatever other board that has anything to do with oil/gas ought to be sacked with quick impact.

“We request a free and sovereign Republic of Niger Delta. We are burnt out on living with the North under Nigeria. We are worn out on the President’s feelings against the Niger Delta individuals.

“The President can have room schedule-wise to get the Chibok young ladies however couldn’t have sufficient energy to meet with the delegates of the Niger Delta fomenters. Our cash has been utilized to finance Boko Haram, an issue made by the Northerners so as to utilize it as course pipe to siphon the assets of Niger Delta.

“On October 1, 2017 we might proclaim our freedom come rain, come sparkle. We should take our predetermination in our grasp and free ourselves from the subjugation of the North as they are burnt out on one Nigeria.”


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