The military confirms the arrest of suspected terrorists


The military on Saturday, June 17, confirmed the arrest of suspected terrorist Boko Haram, Aliyu Ahmed, alias “Aliko”.

In a statement, an army spokesman, a brigadier. Sani Usman, said, “Aliko” was arrested on Friday, the 33rd brigade of soldiers after the peak in the village of Youga on the territory of the local self-government unit of Bauchi Toro, where he was hiding.

The military also said four smugglers interrupted 19 children and juveniles in Yobe state.

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“He was found in possession of a rifle and a ball of Dan,” said Usman.

“During the preliminary investigation, he admitted that he was actively involved in several terrorist attacks by Boko Haram and had an AK-47 rifle, he lost during one of the 2016 attacks.

His resumption continued.

These four smugglers, arrested by the Bravo Company troupe, battalion 120. Katar, transported 19 children of Garin Tuwo, Bungai and Buni Yadi to Gujba of local government. Yobe and Galarabal in the state local government service Biu Borno.

“The alleged smugglers and their victims have been transferred to the headquarters of the Brigade for transfer to the National Bureau of Trafficking in Human Beings,” a spokesman for the army said.


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