Top 4 Abdominal exercises that aren’t bad for the back

Abdominal sculpture is one of the most popular training people. Greater belly fat and toning of the surrounding areas is what gives the upper body a lean stomach as desired. If you opt for a glittering look, or just chew the stomach, abdominal exercises are the best way to go about achieving.

Unfortunately, and as some of you know, most traditional abdominal exercises are really hard on the back, especially the spine. Sit in windows and cracks, for example, by pressing the backbone curve in the soil, creating potentially harmful pressure in a very sensitive area.

There is also an increased risk of abdominal pain, especially when training is too difficult or to make a replay in the wrong place, which is surprisingly easy to make. To add the ABS deficiency and the ability to strengthen hip flexors and other muscles that attach to the lumbar vertebrae is a common occurrence. When these hip flexors become unbalanced, they create tension while pulling the lower back, causing back pain to affect the body.

When it comes to targeting a toned belly, you want to throw all the window traditions. Military, bodybuilders, local circuit training, and any other practice that uses sit ups or hard-to-do services. Especially when other exercises produce the desired results much more effectively, and strengthen the core muscles evenly and protect the surrounding body parts (such as the spine).
Belly Exercises # 1
Ironing board and side

Tips and chests to train the muscles of the body and abdomen as well as the best way to avoid imbalance in the opposite muscle groups. Good advice will activate the whole body. This is really a full body exercise. Exercising on the sideboard side, a lot of focus on your hair, so you will achieve it if you want to record several layers of “love handles”.

Belly Exercise Nº2
Line breakers

This is the toughest formation of four. Requiring the use of boiling or rattling weight adds the dramatic strength and stability of the heart, back, and upturned muscles. If you do not have much power in the upper body to start one way and practice nail boards before going hard on line outsiders.

Belly Exercise Nº3
Dogs of birds

Always make good grounding to protect your knees. This is an excellent exercise for strength and stability in the lumbar spine, and is a perfect complement to yoga routine or stretching after training together. Bird pas is a cross between the board and Superman offered us as our fourth upper abdominal training here.

Belly Exercise Nº4

Realizing Superman, also known as “Superman Flies” is a popular yoga pose. It is primarily the exercise in the lower part of the back that deals and stretches the muscles all of its calves to the back deltoids. Of course, I would not be here, but also strengthen the whole core and ABS.


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